Cotton T-shirt with a silver logo JanBows. The T-shirts are the highest quality made out of 100% cotton of 200g/m2. Many colors, many sizes to every archer’s specifications and demands. You need to get in touch with me regarding the T-shirts colors and sizes at

Price: $13, 11 €

Bow bag and string keeper

Outside strong inside soft! It is the bow bag JanBows. It protects the bow from rain, dents and scratches. The bag is long enaugh for bows up to 70”. It has a leather badge with JanBows logo. Bottom is reinforced with strong fabric and so in combination with the leather string keeper no one will pierce a bows bag with a tip of the bow. Colors according to my mood at the time or a season of the year.

Price of the set: $36, 29 €  Price of the bow bag: $31, 25 €  Price of the keeper: $10, 8 €

Endless JanBows bowstring

I produce made for measure strings for my bows using high quality modern material Brownell Astro Flight. It is advanced, fast material of the Fast Flight type that doesn’t stretch, it is tear resistant and it enables pleasant, soft and quiet shot on JanBows bows. The end loops are wound by a softer thread Brownwell Diamondback, the centre serving is made of top class, unbreakable Angel Majesty thread.

Price of single color string: $23, 19 €      Price of two colors string: $31, 25 €      Price of wool silencers including instalation: $11, 9 €

Shooting tab

This is a unique tab for traditional archery and I have been developing and testing it for many years. JanBows tab is a solution for archers who have struggled with gloves and various other tabs and the only thing they want is to shoot comfortably and accurately. I paid a particular attention to the possibility of a soft anchor to a face and an easy application during winter while using gloves. There are two leather layers, front luxury cordovan and back softer cowhide for smooth release. The spacer is made of honey waxed wood that feels warm in winter. It is easy to put the tab on and  take it of due to a well thought route of the rubber band. It also keeps the tab on your wrist so that you can’t loose it. The tab is made for both right and left handed archers. The one size L is designed to be easily trimmed to M and S size. The tab length can be adjusted by an archer.

Price: $38,31 €

Shooting glove

Branded glove JanBows with an option to set the length and the width of fingers. It is made of smooth cowhide and fingers are made of superb cordovan. It fastens around a wrist using velcro. Right or left hand version. The sizes are S, M, L, XL with an option to combine various sizes of the gloves and fingers. If desired you can choose from various thickness of cordovan fingers.

Price: $82, 66 €


JanBows armguard is made of high quality waxed cowhide of a 3.0 mm thickness. It is easy to fasten the armguard using two wooden buttons making it possible to fasten the armguard with one hand. There are three sizes. Large 170 x 180 mm, Medium 160 x 150 mm and Small 120 x 120 mm.

Price: $26, 21 €     /     $21, 17 €     /     $16, 13 €

Back pocket quiver

There is a beauty in simplicity. This arrow quiver fits nearly any back pocket of any trousers or the side pocket of cargo trousers. It holds 6-9 arrows depending on the size. Nothing is in the way and when you go for lunch or beer you can just take it out of your pocket and you can sit comfortably. I use it as an addition to the arrow holder fitted to my bow if I need more arrows. The quiver is made of high quality waxed cowhide, hand sewn, by myself. Size 120 x 230 mm.

Price: $52, 41 €