Options and prices

I have always been trying to have a few bows in stock so that the customer has an opportunity to shoot or have a look at them and touch the quality of my work. However, it is even more important, for me and my customers, to make custom bow in accordance with wishes of the individual archers. I’m convinced that it brings much better results and satisfaction for my customers and for me. The customer gets a bow according to his/her specifications and it is much easier for me to work when I know who I make the bow for. In order to reach the best understanding about the required bow it is important to discuss it with the customer.

The middle section design

The middle section of the bow has one high quality design, skillfully combining exotic or local hard woods stabilized bamboo and fiberglass represented as thin reinforcements. This type of construction gives the bow important properties as toughness, firmness, ability to absorb vibration, proportionate weight, durability and at last but not least, safety. The final look can be achieved by combination of available woods ash, maple, acacia, walnut, shedua, zebrano, ipe, jatoba and wenge. Fiberglass laminate reinforcements can be black, white, red, orange, yellow, pink, magenta, blue and green for that matter. Shape and size of the grip is made to the customer’s requirements. I make handles with low, middle, and mid-high grip. The choice of the middle section design, left-handed models or shaping of the grip don’t affect the end price.

The limbs design

The main material for the limbs is one or two bamboo laminations.

The basic design

The both laminates are transparent or black unidirectional fiberglass. This design is supplemented by two more laminations of thin decorative veneer that is placed under the transparent laminates.

Akil 64″, 66″, 68″, 70 $873, 694 €
Khai 62″, 64″, 66″ $873, 694 €
Tabia 62″, 64″, 66″ $873, 694 €
Sanura 56″, 58″, 60″ $873, 694 €
Atsu 56″, 58″, 60″, 62″, 64″, 66″ $873, 694 €
Jahi 56″, 58″, 60″, 62″, 64″, 66″ $770, 612 €
SC (Single Carbon) design

There is transparent or black fiberglass laminate on the belly and carbon black laminate on the back of the bow. There is a thin decorative veneer under the transparent laminate on the bow’s belly.

Akil SC 64″, 66″, 68″, 70 $1129, 898 €
Khai SC 62″, 64″, 66″ $1129, 898 €
Tabia SC 62″, 64″, 66″ $1129, 898 €
Sanura SC 56″, 58″, 60″ $1129, 898 €
Atsu SC 56″, 58″, 60″, 62″, 64″, 66″ $1129, 898 €
Jahi SC 56″, 58″, 60″, 62″, 64″, 66″ $1025, 816 €
Jabari SC 52″ $231, 184 €

Both designs can be made using available decorative veneers under the transparent fiberglass. Ash, maple, elm, zebrano, santos are available in various shades and grain type as straight, bird’s eye, tiger stripe and many others. The choice of the veneer design, from the available woods doesn’t affect the end price.

Take down bow bolt

dsc_1644_1dsc_1649_1dsc_1661_1Every bow I make can be equipped with a take down bow bolt. It makes bow transportation much easier, especially on a plane or a motorbike. The connection is designed so that the both parts of the bow are inserted into each other and twisted by 90°. This type of the connection makes it possible to shape the grip in the same way as the solid bow grip. The grip can, optionally, be covered with leather. A weight increase, by approximately 100 grams, could be an advantage for some archers. The added weight is at the spot where the sport bows have a mounted stabilizer. The connection is very precise, it doesn’t squeak, click or creak. The connection is made of stainless steel. If you are interested in the take down bow, please mind that it can only be installed in a new bow and it cannot be installed in Jahi model. Also the bow isn’t split into two equal parts of the same length. There is an additional charge of $257, 205 € added to the price of a bow.

Heavy riser of the bow

To increase the weight and strength of the riser of the bow, the front part of the riser can be made with a combination of Ipe and black fiberglass. There is an extra charge of $78,  63 €



Stabilized wood in the riser

The middle section of the bow can be made out of beautiful specimens of JanBows stabilized wood. JanBows stabilized wood is saturated with a super-hardened resin, reaching a density of about 1,100 kg / m3. It increases the weight of the center of the bow and it improves strength and durability. It is possible to use bits with a unique patterns, which would not be strong enough without stabilization. Selecting JanBows stabilized wood is a completely individual matter. The surcharge for this choice of wood varies from case to case.

Pistol grip

For Akil and Khai bows it is possible to add a material to the riser and create a pistol grip.
There is an extra charge of $52,  41 €



Shiny bow

Every bow can be treated to a shiny varnish if required by a customer. The shiny varnish adds honour and exclusivity to every bow’s look. There is an extra charge of $78,  63 €



Leather grip cover

The grip of the bow can be covered with leather of aprox. 1mm thick. The leather increases the size of the grip and it needs to be considered while shaping it. The leather colors are brown or black. There is an extra charge of $38, 31 €. Jahi and Atsu bows have the leather grip included in price.


Carbon overlay and limb tips

The bow can, optionally, be equipped with carbon fiber overlay and limb tips. The structure of cross carbon gives the bow more technical look.There is an extra charge of $38, 31 €



Inserts for the bow quiver

In order to mount an bow quiver it is possible to insert my custom made brass inserts, with an inner thread UNC 10-24, into the middle section of the bow. There is an additional charge of $38, 31 €


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