Sanura is a cute, beautiful kitten. Adorable, ferocious kitten of mother Tabia

But watch out, it isn’t just a bow for children. It is a little big bow for real men who are about to set for the woods to get a piece of meat. As is common with my bows, Sanura is also equipped with grace and smoothness of reflex and deflex line that pleases the eye and expresses its mechanical and functional properties. Subtlety, smoothness and spontaneity. Both while drawing and release. Thanks to the short length it is easy to maneuvre the bow while shooting in the bushes or from a tree top. It is fast, silent and with zero handshock.

The middle of the bow consists of hard domestic and exotic woods as Shedua, Zebrano, Jatoba, Ipe, Wenge, Ash, Maple and Walnut  interspaced with thin color fiberglass reinforcement. The wood is pre-cut to segments, carefully selected and glued again. This enables higher toughness, stability and absorption capability of the middle part. I consider the design of the middle part that consists of hard woods and relatively small amount of thin fiberglass to be an ideal solution from the point of esthetics, bow properties and safety.

The limbs are made of a core of bamboo and other lightweight wood laminations and, depending on the design, fiberglass or carbon laminate. Single cross carbon (SCX) version has a carbon on backing and a transparent or black fiberglass on the belly.

There is a veneer under the transparent fiberglass. It serves one main purpose to show and celebrate the natural beauty of the wood. The choice of the veneer and wood type is down to personal preferences of each and every archer.

Every Sanura bow is varnished with 5 layers of matt 2 PUR varnish. The bow can be customized with brass inserts UNC 10-24 for a bow quiver mount. The grip can be dressed in leather on request.

Every Sanura bow is supplied with 12(14) threads of Dynaflight 97 or 16(18) threads of Spectra 652 string and Angel Majesty centre serving.

Sanura bows are made in these lengths:

58″ for max. draw length 29″                        Recommended brace height is 7,00″ to 7,50″
60″ for max. draw length 31″                        Recommended brace height is 7,25″ to 7,75″

Tabia fulfills all requirements for competitions under IFAA and WA associations and will be suitable for a new discipline run archery.

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