Atsu is a male Egyptian name expressing twin

The Atsu bow is the twin of the Jahi bow and differs in that it has reverse wedges of lightweight wood at the end of the arms. Their function is similar to the siahs. This gives the bow more tension in the bowstring with a lower bowstring height. This increases its efficiency and swing. The bow profile is based on the Tabia and Sanura bows. The smooth, reflective deflection line of this bow visually conveys its mechanical performance. Subtlety, fluidity and naturalness. Both at the draw and at the shot. It’s fast, quiet and hands-free. The Atsu is a very fun bow even in small pounds.

The riser of the bow is half fibreglass and half hardwoods of native species such as Ash, Maple, Walnut and Acacia and exotic woods such as Shedua, Zebrano, Jatoba, Ipe, Santos and Wenge interspersed with thin coloured fibreglass reinforcements. The wood is pre-cut into slats, carefully selected and re-glued. This achieves a higher stiffness, stability and damping capacity of the riser. I consider this concept of a riser combined from hardwoods and fiberglass laminates to be ideal in terms of aesthetics, bow behaviour and safety.

The limbs are made up of a core of thin tapered bamboo and lightweight woods. Atsu is only available in Single cross carbon (SCX) with a carbon on the backing and transparent or black fiberglass on the belly.

There is a veneer under the transparent fiberglass laminate. It serves one main purpose to show and celebrate the natural beauty of the wood. The choice of the veneer and wood type is down to personal preferences of each and every archer.

Every Atsu bow is varnished with 5 layers of mat 2 PUR varnish. The grip is covered with leather in color of the archer’s choice. It can be without a shelf according to the competition rules or with a leather shelf.

Every Atsu bow is supplied with 12(14) threads of Dynaflight 97 or 16(18) threads of Spectra 652 string and Angel Majesty centre serving.

Atsu bows are made in these lengths:

56″ for max. draw length 29″           Recommended brace height is 6,75″ to 7,25″
58″ for max. draw length 30″           Recommended brace height is 7,00″ to 7,50″
62″ for max. draw length 28″           Recommended brace height is 7,00″ to 7,50″
64″ for max. draw length 30″           Recommended brace height is 7,25″ to 7,75″

Atsu fulfills all requirements for competitions under IFAA and WA associations.

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