3D competition MZP Búřov 19.9.2020

Beautiful surroundings, beautiful weather, great Saturday. Many thanks to all who participated in the organization of this beautiful meeting. Special thanks to these shooters:

Pavel Repák with Akil 1st. place TRLB men, Jura Hrachovec with Akil 3rd. place TRLB men, Tereza Páleníčková with Akil 1st. place TRLB women, Monika Erbenová with Akil 4th. place TRLB women, Ota Repák with Akile 1st. place TRLB juniors, Vláďa Jošt with Khai 1st. place TRLB veterans, Anička Janíková Jabari 2nd. place TRRB juniors, Karolína Wognarová with Tabia 4th. place TRRB women