3D archery championship of the Czech Republic 2021

We have another successful meeting of archers behind us. Many thanks to the organizers. I enjoyed it. Special thanks to these shooters:

Dalibor Pešek with Khai for 2nd place TRLB men, Jura Hrachovec with Akil for 4th place TRLB men, Monika Erbenová with Akil for 2nd place TRLB women, Alžběta Kratěnová with Sanura for 3rd place TR women, Vláďa Jošt with Khai for 1st place of TR veterans

In the international evaluation, Katka Žitňanská with Tabia for 1st place in the women’s BHR and in the overall ranking in the Czech Cup in 3D archery by Lenka Heřmanová with Tabia for 1st place in the TR women.